Ocean Grove

outdoor transformation

This two-storey apartment was transformed from almost unlivable to cool and inviting. With the apartment being six storeys up, north and west facing and in close proximity to the ocean, we needed to address heat, high winds, dampness, and salt spray.

Prior to A’besco’s transformation the balcony was in fact completely unusable in Summer; the tiles were so hot they couldn’t be walked on, and temperatures inside had been known to reach 50 degrees.

For the balcony area, a Renson Camargue with two built in external Fixscreens was installed along with the Lineo Linea LED lighting system and Somfy motorised timers. Wind and rain sensors were fitted to protect and prolong the life of the shade system. In the bedrooms, Renson fixscreens were chosen, not only for their paired back style, but also because they would be able to withstand the high winds, salt and rain that the great outdoors would subject them to. A timer operates these on a daily basis.


• Renson Camargue louvred roof
• Renson Fixscreens
• Linea LED lighting system
• Somfy Connexoon motorisation
• Automation – wind sensor, rain sensor and timer