Renson Fixscreen

  • Can affix to existing walls
  • Fully customisable
  • Can incorporate a crystal window
  • Print your logo onto the exterior

The Renson® Fixscreen® is the first external screen in the world that is truly wind tight. Thanks to an ingenious zip system, the fabric is wind tight in every position and can also be insect-proof in the closed position. The sun-protecting fabric has a special trim, with a symmetrical zip which holds the fabric firmly in the two side channels. It can be used in residential, office and hospitality. 

The Fixscreen® is compliant with European standard EN13561 (Wind Resistance class 3), which means flapping and torn fabric are a thing of the past. The zip technology also guarantees a smooth and wrinkle- free fabric.

Fixscreen® also blocks the sun’s rays before they come into contact with glass surfaces. This means there is no chance of blinding or unpleasant glare, and you still maintain visual contact with the outside. Different degrees of translucent fabric are available. 

Structural sun protection and screens in the Fixscreen® range help avoid overheating by blocking unwanted heat – saving on air-conditioning costs. During winter, the screen can be adjusted to let in optimal amounts of light. Different types of fabric within the range also offer varying degrees of heat resistance.  

The  Fixscreen® enables ventilation while preventing insects from entering your home. There is no opening between the side channel and the screen, plus the bottom bar with a darkening strip ensures a seamless connection with the sill.

The Fixscreen® also offers silent operation, is easy to operate and maintain, and can be installed either on the window or wall. 

Made to suit your home

The extensive range of colours of the fabrics and the profiles ensures that the Fixscreen® is in perfect harmony with the architecture of your home or company, which automatically leads to a pleasant living and working environment. All materials used for the Fixscreen® are 100% corrosion-proof. Only stainless steel screws have been used. The aluminium profiles consist of an alloy EN AW-6063 T66. The profiles are available in every possible colour.

The range includes

  • Fixscreen® 85 – developed for dimensions of 2.50 m (width) by 1.80 m (height) (up to max. 4.50 m2). It is possible to join them up to dimensions of 5.00 m (width) by a maximum of 1.80 m (height). This small screen is important for the ‘standard window’ and the renovation market.
  • Fixscreen® 100 EVO is developed for dimensions up to 4.00 m (width) by 2.70 m (height) or 3.00 m (width) by 3.50 m (height) (up to 10.8 m2). It is possible to join them up to dimensions of 6.00 m (width) by a maximum of 2.70 m (height). This includes new patented and CE-approved Connect&Go technology
  • Fixscreen® 150 EVO can handle unique dimensions up to 6.00 m width or 6.00 m height (up to 22 m2).
  • Fixscreen® 150 EVO F can be installed in an open construction without a window lying behind. It is developed for dimensions up to 6,00 m (width) and 2,70 m (height), by a maximum of 16,2 m2.
  • Fixscreen® Mono AK helps you to achieve a healthy indoor climate in your home. This new vertical sun protection will offer you a better visual, thermal and acoustic comfort. This screen is developed for dimensions up to 4,00 m (width) and 2,70 m (height) or 3,00 m (width) and 3,50 m (height) (up to 10,8 m2).

Choice of operating systems

You have the option of manual or electric operation across all models within the range. 

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