The Fairview Project

Working on the Fairview Project was both rewarding and challenging due to its complexity, varying ceiling heights, and large opening spans. The product selection was meticulously curated through multiple site consultations and close collaboration with AD’s designer Lina Strati, who had a clear vision for the project’s interior design and style. The unique design of the Fairview Project was complemented with soft window furnishings, such as custom-made curtains and Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings, which subtly accentuated the Mediterranean yet luxurious character of the house.

The custom-made curtains created a stunning effect, especially downstairs, where they were used as floor-to-ceiling applications on a very tall entry window installed along a curved wall. The sheer custom-made curtain together with curved curtain track emphasised the area’s spaciousness. Additionally, the sheer fabric, acting as a delicate light filter, bathed the whole space in a pleasant glow, creating a restful atmosphere in the living area.

Motorised curtain tracks ensured effortless operation of the Sheer Curtains, particularly on the large sliding door in the kitchen/dining area. Motorisation offers practical and comfortable operation, making large curtains an ideal solution when manual operation could be problematic due to the large span.

The main bedroom’s corner sliding door was dressed with motorised Luxaflex Roller Blinds and custom sheer curtains. The roller blinds enhance the blockout effect, while the sheer curtain creates a seamless, soft look using bent tracks. The combination of sheer and blockout fabrics ensures that privacy and light can be effortlessly controlled. The selected sheer curtain fabric harmoniously blends with the wall color and texture, as well as the warmth of the timber flooring.

The innovative Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings were introduced to other bedrooms as a versatile and elegant addition to integrate with the house’s luxurious design. They provide the convenience of motorised window furnishings. These elegantly designed soft shades improve the overall functionality of living spaces by offering room darkening features and light filtering options. The versatile nature and stylish design of the Pirouette make it an ideal product for adding refined elegance without compromising functionality.

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