Hampton-Coastal Fusion

For this modernised Hampton-style home, the kitchen and dining areas were enhanced with floor-to-ceiling Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers. They softly diffuse the light filtering through the large glass openings from the north, east, and west, creating a pleasant glow. The Luminette Privacy Sheers feature vertical blades that rotate, providing privacy and protecting the flooring and furnishings from strong sunlight. Additionally, these versatile window treatments allow for easy access to sliding doors by simply traversing the product to one side.

In the living area, we installed the same Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers in a ceiling recess for a seamless finish. This installation adds visual spaciousness to the room, which features natural materials and textures. The soft sheer fabric of the Luminettes blends harmoniously, enhancing the warmth of the natural timber floors and the stone around the fireplace. Besides their visual appeal, these smart, curtain-like window furnishings offer excellent control of light and privacy throughout the day and night.

For the upstairs bedrooms, we used a double-curtain solution. This approach is ideal for achieving darkness during sleep, especially with wall-to-wall applications. The dual curtain track, featuring both sheer and blockout layers, offers everything needed to dress the bedroom, creating softness and maintaining privacy at all times. This stylish, hotel-like look of Double Custom-Made Curtains elegantly complements the interior, emphasizing the warm Hampton-Coastal design of the house.

Internal Window Furnishing


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