Coastal Harmony

Our objective for this project was to ensure that the selected window furnishings complemented the design of the house both internally and externally, while also providing optimal functionality.

To achieve light control and privacy in the bedrooms, the customer chose Luxaflex room darkening Pirouette Shadings. These modern, soft alternatives to shutters offer enhanced functionality and elegance. For the living area, the customer opted for custom-made sheer curtains to reduce glare and protect the floors and furnishings from the northern winter sun and the morning easterly sun. These curtains also contribute to the room’s warmth and acoustics, creating a cozy atmosphere.

In the bathroom, Luxaflex Polysatin plantation shutters were selected as the best option for the high humidity environment. These shutters are extremely durable and impervious to moisture, making them ideal for bathroom use and ensuring the longevity of the product.

Internal Window Furnishing


Studio Hill