Bayview Serenity

For this project, our client sought a coastal contemporary look, enhanced by the home’s proximity to a bay.

In the master bedroom, we installed double curtains spanning the entire wall from floor to ceiling. This simple yet elegant solution provides excellent light coverage and complements the room’s soft and welcoming atmosphere. The light grey sheer curtain filters daylight, creating a pleasant glow without unwanted glare, while maintaining visibility and privacy. The addition of a pelmet at the top further enhances the aesthetic and functionality.

For the theatre room, Luxaflex Pirouette Shades were chosen. These shades offer a soft, practical solution with room-darkening capabilities when needed and a sheer appearance during the day, ensuring subtle privacy.

The tiled deck was enclosed with high-end Renson Fix Screens to block the harsh western sun, making the space comfortable for use on summer afternoons. These smart, windproof, and slimline external screens provide excellent heat and sun protection with the click of a button, transforming the external space into an extension of the living area. The precision and European engineering of Renson Fix Screens ensure long-lasting, faultless operation.

The exterior design of the house was also meticulously planned. Renson Linarte cladding on the front façade adds a contemporary touch to the coastal character of the home. It creates a neat and stylish appearance from the street, seamlessly blending with the timber cladding on the upper level and elegantly framing the garage door.

Internal & External Window Furnishing