Motorisation & Automation

Looking for the perfect control system?

With so many control options for window coverings and outdoor shades to choose from, finding the right system for your situation can be time-consuming. Not to mention frustrating, costly, and downright disappointing if you leave your decisions too late.

Somfy Remote Control

How we help

We take a complex process and make it simple and seamless; the way you need it to be when you’ve got enough on your plate with building or renovating.

We work with the world’s leading motorisation and smart home automation systems. And we know all there is to know about them, so you don’t have to.

We talk you through what you need to know about wireless systems vs hardwired, as well as any pros and cons that might apply to your particular situation. But we’re not all talk.

With you from start to finish

Not only do we supply and install the best products, we work with the automation integrators to make sure your products are programed and ‘talking to’ your home’s building management system (BMS). Our team oversees the lot, working with architects, builders and designers right from the beginning to make sure what the client wants, the client gets.

Our expertise runs across the industry’s most trusted brands:

* C-Bus
* Control4
* Lutron
* Crestron
* Somfy
* Hunter Douglas
* Silent Gliss
* Forest

Often, we’ll configure a solution that combines a number of products from different brands. There’s no limit to what you can achieve, provided we’re involved early enough.

Abesco home automation blinds
Automated Blinds Sydney

NOTE: If motorisation or automation is on the wishlist, you need a plan for this before you start building. Sounds crazy, we know, but if we can advise you during the design phase, you won’t accidentally choose a window type that can’t accommodate the motor and/or wiring you’ll need.

Enjoy the benefits of motorisation and automation: add convenience, reduce energy, create ambience, enhance comfort and security, whether you’re at home or out and about. Everything happens with the touch of a button, or in response to intelligent programming.

Not sure where to start?

Come see us and we’ll guide you through all the ins and outs.