The use of glass in modern day architecture is on the rise, with designers and owners using it to enhance the aesthetics of their house or office. A one-piece glass pane overlooking the garden, backyard or balcony looks breathtaking in a living or bedroom, however, when glass is used in place of solid walls, there is less privacy and more sunlight.

We at A’besco have perfect solutions for your privacy. We will maintain the aesthetics of your structure and, at the same time, get the privacy you need, by installing blinds.

The benefits of blinds:
• They protect you from prying eyes
• Prevent excessive sunlight from entering thereby keeping the room temperature at comfortable levels
• Helps in air conditioning system energy efficiency
• Prevents dust from directly settling on furniture
• Prevents furniture upholstery, carpets and curtains from getting faded by the sun’s rays
• It looks stylish and increases the beauty of the room too

We bring to you the best in class blinds which are durable and on-trend.

Expert advice
Visit our website or showroom and choose blinds which best match your interiors. Apart from products and services we also provide consultancy services wherein our experts will visit your premises and understand your requirements, with reference to the look and feel of the room. They’ll guide you through the best solution for your interiors. Our various products will help you set your room as you want it to be.

We also have various motorisation solutions to choose from, including RTS (single or multiple Remote system), Luxaflex, Crestron, Cbus and Building Management System (BMS). Select blinds according to the décor of your room. You need not worry about its installation because that is our job, and we’ll personally see to its done appropriately.

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