A’besco specialises in supplying high quality window furnishings and curtains to customers based in Taren Point.

With over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, A’besco is committed to providing the best advice on superior curtains.

We understand the importance of selecting the ideal design, fabric, and texture to create a distinctive appearance and a space that captures your style. We offer a versatile range of fabrics, from bold rich colours to smooth neutrals for an understated look. At A’besco, we focus on finding the best design solution for your home or business.

A’besco has a wide range of curtain varieties in Taren Point, including the S-fold or Ripplefold, Wave, Box Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Knife Pleat and Pencil Pleat. Our blackout and thermal drapery curtains provide effective protection against the harsh sunlight, offers further privacy and assists with energy saving as well as making a great tool for controlling light. Additionally, we also have contemporary sheer curtains in Taren Point, fabric covered pelmets, valances, swags and tails which can be added for decorative purposes.

All window furnishings and products are made to order and are of the highest quality, whilst still remaining afforable. A’besco staff attend national and international trade shows to ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest in window furnishings and external sun protection, so you can be assured that you’ll receive the most recent advice.

Some of the curtain varieties that A’besco is proud to offer include:

  • S-Fold or Ripple Fold – A modern, contemporary style which is popular with designers and architects due to its simplicity and continuous wave effect. S-Fold or Ripple Fold curtains are produced using a narrow woven header tape with press order clomid online cheap studs, which is then sewn at the top. These press studs then clip into runners on the curtain track and create the ‘S’ shape. These curtains can only be used on certain rods and tracks.
  • Wave – A very similar style to S-Fold and Ripple fold. These are produced using a clear mesh like tape sewn at the top of the curtain, which is virtually invisible behind even the sheerest of fabrics. Unlike S-Fold, Wave curtains use separate hooks instead of press studs, so you can vary the amount of fullness. These curtains can only be used on certain rods and tracks.
  • Box Pleated – A more tailored look, where the fabric drapes into deep folds down the whole length. Box pleat is often used to create the same even wave as the S-Fold, when space is limited at the top and cannot fit the bulky S-fold header. The pleats butt onto each other with no space in-between them, to create an even and flat heading. These can be used on the majority of tracks and rods with standard runners.
  • Knife Pleated – A continuous pleat which is sewn flat in one direction. Typically used when the header will not be seen and needs to sit in a narrow space (i.e. in a ceiling recess or under a pelmet). This is often the style that is used for sheer curtains when they are to hang behind blockouts in a double set up. These can be used on most tracks and rods with standard runners.
  • Pencil Pleated – A casual style which can have quite a relaxed feel due to no structured pleating, just a continuous gather. Pencil pleated curtains have tightly gathered folds about the width of a pencil which runs the whole width. These can be used on most tracks and rods with standard runners.
  • Pinch Pleated – Also known as Double Pinch Pleat, Triple Pinch Pleat, French Pleat or Butterfly Pleat. A traditional, classic look which is ideal for formal areas of the house.  They have 1, 2 or 3 folds of fabric sewn together at intervals across the top of the curtain that fans out at the top and bottom. Fullness is controlled by the pleats so curtains can be anywhere from 2-3 times gather. These can be used on most tracks and rods with standard runners.

Our experienced staff are avaliable now to provide you with a detailed quotation for your curtains in Taren Point. We welcome you to visit our impressive showroom, or alternatively, we can provide a free measure and quote at your home or business. Complete our online form or call us on today 9589 5930.