A’besco is one of the most sought-after companies that provides high grade Awnings in Menai.

We constantly  strive to provide  our customers with  the topmost  quality  products  that will be enhance  the look  of their  home and add value  to it.  Today, customers want access to different types of products and we offer awnings that are unique in design and styling. In addition to this, the focus is also always on ensuring that you get custom solutions and that the installations are exactly as you want them to be.

We are the first company in Australia to bring to the local market the specialised folding-arm awning system from Leiner Sunrain™. This is a very high-grade product that is attractive, strong and durable. In addition to providing customers unique products, we also provide design and material advice. This helps you make the right choice of Awnings in Menai for your home or commercial establishment.

Quality Matters  

Every product that we provide is high-grade & we also focus on providing our customers value for money.  Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, window furnishings are an important part of your property. Just as you have indoor window treatments, the outdoor ones such as Awnings in Menai are very important too. No matter what your specific requirement, if you need any type of motorised or manual awnings, we can provide you those. When you contact us, our highly-trained and expert staff will come over to your location, look at where the installation has to be fitted and understand what your specific needs are.

The Latest Trends

We will then provide you a detailed quote that will suit your specific needs.  After  looking at our catalogues, if  you also want to look at  the different  products  on offer, we encourage you to  visit our showroom and  look at the range  of products  we can provide – this will give  you a clear  idea about the  different  types of materials you can choose  from.  You will find our sales staff to be very http://www.honeytraveler.com/buy-prednisone/ helpful and they will answer all your queries about our products too.  They regularly attend manufacturer courses, which ensures they are aware of all the latest trends and will provide you the right advice.

Awnings in Menai are the perfect choice for all types of commercial and residential spaces.  If you are looking for specialised solutions, A’besco is the company to come to. We provide awnings that are made with a variety of outdoor materials and fabrics and these are also available in different styling. It provides you the flexibility to get the kind of look you want on your property.

The Convenience of Motorisation

We have the expertise to provide different types of awnings and you can choose from manual or motorised ones. Our company is highly specialised when it comes to the installations of various motorised   platforms such as:

  • RTS (Radio Frequency single/ multi-channel remotes)
  • Luxaflex U-Remote system- Control via iPad/ iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Crestron
  • Cbus
  • BMS (Building Management Systems)

Why Opt for Retractable Awnings in Menai

  • Convenient as they can be retracted- the installation is protected from weather  damage
  • Available in various sloping forms & you can choose  the ones you like based  on the  specific areas that they have to be fitted  in
  • Many models are available in waterproof fabrics & it’s possible to sit under these awnings even in light rain
  • Available in a variety  of styling & colours
  • Choose from motorised or manual versions
  • Add weather sensors to the Awnings in Menai
  • Awnings lend shade to the indoor spaces & protect these areas from excessive sunlight. This very effectively protects curtains, carpets & furniture from wear and fading
  • Awnings help maintain indoor temperatures at comfortable levels
  • Help save on air-conditioning bills
  • Versatile- can be used in most outdoor spaces

Types of Awnings

You can choose from Arm Support Awning or Arm & Post Support Awnings and our Luxaflex metal awnings are outstanding in quality; they provide upto 90% sun protection. For the best Awnings in Menai, contact A’besco on 1300 749 378. Come and check-out our wide range of products at our showroom at 49 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah NSW 2229.