The Best Awnings in Grays Point

A’besco is one of the leading companies in Sydney that provides a range of outdoor shading products such as Awnings in Grays Point. We offer high grade German Leiner Sunrain™ folding-arm awnings as well as other motorised and manual awnings, curtains, blinds and shutters. All of our products are the best in quality and what makes them even better is the fact that they can be customised to your needs and will be installed to perfection. Though manual awnings are used on a number of residential and commercial properties, today the focus is on functionality and convenience.

Motorisation Products

With this in view, many of our customers opt for our motorised solutions for Awnings in Grays Point. We know that every customer has different requirements and so we provide a range of motorisation products such as:

  • RTS (Radio Frequency single or multi-channel remotes)
  • BMS (Building-Management Systems)
  • Luxaflex U-Remote system- This can be controlled via iPad/ iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Cbus
  • Crestron

We have experienced well-trained and insured electricians on board who handle all the electrical aspects of the installation as per the specification of the various motorisation product companies.

Adding  Functionality to Awnings in Grays Point

The materials we use for our awnings are made of top-quality vinyl and all they need is an occasional hosing to keep them clean. If you want to add to the functionality quotient of the installation, you can  opt to have weather sensors attached  to the awnings. These sensors will be able to detect windy conditions and will retract automatically and open out when it is very sunny. You also have the option to use remote-controlled systems or ones that can be operated via switches. With the number of options we provide in terms of the actual Awnings in Grays Point materials, fittings, accessories and motorisation, you are sure to find the kind of solutions you want.

Value for Money

We never claim that our products are cheap; with us, the focus has been on providing high quality, durable products that will provide value for money and that has been the basis of our business since we set up base in the region.  Our focused and consistent approach to quality has earned us the reputation of being the leading company for awnings which:

  • Can be used in residential and commercial applications
  • Are aesthetically appealing
  • Make outdoor spaces more usable
  • Are convenient to use
  • Are very low maintenance
  • Can be used to cover patios, decks, balconies and to frame windows

The Customised Approach

We are meticulous in our approach to our work and when you call us, our Awnings in Grays Point installation experts will come over to your location, understand what your specific requirements are, ascertain which solutions will be best suited for your requirements and will provide options, Once you have made a choice, you will be provided a comprehensive quote. Once you have approved it, the installation will be carried out within the stipulated time frame and to your 100% satisfaction. For more information, call A’besco for Awnings in Gray’s Point at 1300 749 378.